Benefits Of Low Voltage Exterior Lighting For Your Atlanta Business

It doesn’t matter if it is a local Atlanta restaurant or jewelry store, for many commercial property owners, night time security is an enormous concern. The safety of a business’ employees an patrons is something that all businesses feel is important to address.

The problem many face is finding a way to add effective security lighting without completely engulfing every corner of their parking lot with flood lights.

The last thing any business owner wants (with the exception of car dealers and big box store parking lots) is for their property’s lighting to resemble a football stadium or prison yard.

In situations where security and safety are sought after, most businesses are looking for exterior lighting that can create function without having to sacrifice beauty and aesthetics. The goal is to create a lighting effect that draws the viewer’s eye towards their storefront in a positive way.

It is always advisable to consult with a professional at NightVision Outdoor Lighting about how to light your commercial property so that it creates an exquisite lighting effect.

Here is a short light of elements to consider lighting to create both security and beauty:

Architectural Lighting

Lighting different key elements in the architecture of the building itself will help define your business and bring out some beautiful features hidden in the dark.

An example of this might be to light the columns of your storefront, or to focus on the exceptional brick and stone work. If your building has a unique feature, like an archway or tower, capitalize on that feature by illuminating it.

Landscape Lighting

Illuminating different landscape features, even minimally, will help create a better sense of space and depth for patrons and passerbys.

Up lighting trees, tall grasses, shrubs, etc., can help define the boarders and edges of your property and provide people with a better sense of security by lending them better visual control of their surroundings.

The beauty in lighting different landscape elements this way is that it creates a sense of safety without having to put in an over excessive flood light.

Path Lighting

These lights are wonderful for helping people to see where they are going. Splashing some light onto pathways and sidewalks with path lights/area lights will help illuminate that way.

Especially in situations where they are stairs or uneven footing, path lighting can be critical for creating safety in a tasteful manner.


If you are a business owner looking to create some beauty and security for your commercial property, then it might be time to look into having a low-voltage lighting system professionally designed and installed by your local Atlanta exterior lighting specialists at NightVision.

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