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Landscape lighting needn’t be loud and overexcited. The number one landscape lighting tip you need to know is simple: less says more.

One of the things you’ll learn very early on during my introduction to lighting design was that we can create functional lighting without having to sacrifice beauty.

One of the most fulfilling aspects of being the top-rated outdoor lighting company in Atlanta is having the opportunity to help educate homeowners about the subtly that effective outdoor lighting can exude.

Less Is More With Landscape Lighting

When we return home in the evening to relax and enjoy our outdoor living space, we might appreciate listening to some soft, relaxing music playing in the background. The last thing we want to hear is our speakers shatter beneath the sound of a construction site cheered on by a football stadium filled with the disjointed yowling of tom cats.

Of course, as is the case in any disagreeable scenario described by a writer, there will be the incomprehensible individual who very much does delight in the ferocity of an ear splitting racket.

But they are the exemption. Most of us find pleasure in music that softly caresses our ear drums with a pleasant tune, whatever the melody might be.

Imagine that outdoor lighting works for your eyes the same way that music works for your ears. Like music, outdoor landscape lighting is appreciated more in a relaxed scenario where it is able to offer our eyes melodious tones of tranquility.

Choosing Soft Exterior Lighting

There is a time and place for outdoor lighting to be brilliantly boisterous. It won’t do at all for example, to use soft decadent illumination in a football stadium or a supermarket parking lot. Prison yards and amphitheaters, out of necessity, call for intense illumination so that everything can be seen plainly by observers.

Heavy area lighting of this sort should be used in appropriate situations. Private residential illumination is not the place where this type of heavy handed lighting should be employed.

It’s useful to realize that, while using this sort of intense area lighting for an outdoor living space would undoubtedly unveil everything all the way through the entire property, it would also raise quite a stir with the neighbor.

Blaring music at a deafening volume will not invoke love from the neighbors, and neither will having intense flood lights that shine in their windows every night. Like is true with playing loud music we need to be contentious and responsible with our outdoor lighting.

Purposeful Lighting Makes For The Best Lighting

Ensuring that our lights are going to be used purposefully, instead of simply used to flood lighting everywhere, will warrant an assurity that our outdoor lighting experiences enjoyable for everyone.

In residential settings, low warm lighting levels, much lower that we are perhaps used to indoors, are all that we require to provide security and beauty.

Illuminating our home’s landscape and outdoor living space this way isn’t just appreciated by our neighbors, it’s also more visually comfortable for us to view.

If you need help deciding which lighting is best for your home or Atlanta business, contact NightVision Outdoor Lighting today. Our expert technicians can create an exterior lighting design that highlights your home’s best attributes and would be happy to consult with you every step of the way!