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If you are considering purchasing outdoor lighting to enhance your property or perhaps provide additional safety and security, you will need to consider the different types of lights that are available. But what are the best outdoor lights to use?

Thanks to advances in technology which include low-power LED lights, motion sensors, solar power, and advanced protective materials, you can find the right type of outdoor light for your needs – and budget. And there are so many beautiful design options to choose from, as well!

Standard Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting can be categorized into different types of lights that can be set on your property. Unless solar powered, each light is connected to your electrical system.

A Wide Variety of Design Choices

There are so many different styles to choose from. Here’s just a sampling of what you have to consider!

  • Ceiling Lights: Illuminates the front porch or doorway.
  • Cove Lights: Highlights edges of swimming pools, decks, and other areas
  • Flood Lights: Used with motion sensors for security
  • Hanging Lights: Often found above the front door or on the front porch
  • Landscape Lighting: Used to highlight trees, plants, shrubs, and flowers
  • Lanterns or Torches: Adds flair to your yard
  • Post Lanterns: Perfect for the driveway or next to the street
  • Step Lights: Illuminates sidewalks, driveways, and edges of the pool
  • Wall Lanterns: Provides more curb appeal to your home.

Each of these lights has its own special uses, but they can be mixed and matched depending on their specific needs. This means that you can use the ones that are perfect for your property and include different designs that highlight certain features of your home, yard, garden, and more.

Three Types of Special Outdoor Light Systems

When purchasing outdoor lighting, it is important to recognize the right types of energy-efficient lighting and systems that help illuminate your home.

LED Lighting

The Light Emitting Diode (LED) was a breakthrough in lighting technology thanks to virtually all of the energy being used for light instead of heat as with incandescent bulbs. Not only do LEDs use a fraction of the power, but they also are far more durable and impact resistant. The result is a cheap, affordable way to light up your home and property with a minimal impact on your energy bill.

Be sure when you are looking over outdoor lights that you consider LEDs and other energy-efficient versions in order to save money.

Motion Sensors

If you want to better protect the darkened areas of your home or property, motion sensor lights offer an inexpensive way to repel potential intruders. You can use them near entranceways and windows which light up when they sense motion. The result is that intruders tend to stay away since their presence can be easily seen.

Solar Power Lights

If you do not want to run electrical lines under your yard, solar power lights are a safe, inexpensive, and eco-friendly alternative. You can place them virtually anywhere on the property as long as their solar panel can drink in the sunlight. At night, the lights use the stored power to ensure that your property is illuminated.

Choosing Beautiful Outdoor Lighting Styles


This versatile, timeless lighting choice comes in a variety of options. You can attach them to walls, hang them from patio ceilings, or place them on a table or rail. You can choose lanterns powered by electricity, solar power, or batteries. Just be careful with your placement if you don’t plan to attach them to a wall or railing. If they’re simply placed on a table or pedestal a strong wind could blow them down!

String Lights

String lighting is very popular, for the soft, romantic glow it creates. Smaller string lights, sometimes called “fairy lights,” can make your outdoor space feel absolutely magical! However, if you’re looking for brighter lighting, opt for a larger bulb.

Post Lighting

Installing full-height post lights in your yard can be very dramatic and add great flair to any space. They will also provide better lighting than many smaller outdoor light options.

Takeaways on the Best Outdoor Lights

A little investment in outdoor lighting can go a long way towards illuminating your property which adds beauty, safety, and security to your home all on a small budget. Start by considering designs and styles you like, the spaces you want to be illuminated, and what your budget is. The pros at NightVision Outdoor Lighting can help bring your vision for the best outdoor lights to life. Give us a call today!