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Running a business out of a commercial building requires consideration of a variety of factors, including the necessary lighting for company property. Installing commercial outdoor lighting outside your commercial property can play a significant role in lowering the risks associated with your business. The type of business and the property itself will determine the commercial outdoor lighting that is best suited for the space. There are many different types of commercial outdoor lighting that we recommend for outdoor spaces, so they will vary depending on the type of property and business.

Who Needs Commercial Outdoor Lighting?

Commercial outdoor lighting is a type of lighting that is specifically designed for businesses. This type of lighting can be used for a variety of purposes, including creating a welcoming atmosphere, improving safety and security, and boosting business. Commercial outdoor lighting is available in a variety of styles and can be customized to meet the specific needs of your business.


Any business that has an exterior space that is visible to the public or customers can benefit from this type of lighting. If you are looking to improve the safety and security of your business, or create a more inviting atmosphere, commercial outdoor lighting may be right for you!

How Can Commercial Outdoor Lighting Boost Your Business?

There are many ways in which this type of lighting can benefit your business. Commercial outdoor lighting can improve the safety of your customers and employees, as well as create a more inviting and professional atmosphere. This type of lighting can also increase foot traffic and help you attract new customers!


If you are considering commercial outdoor lighting for your business, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the best option for your needs. First, consider the purpose of the lighting. Are you looking to improve safety and security, create a more inviting atmosphere, or boost business? Once you have determined the purpose of the lighting, you can begin to narrow down your options.


Next, consider the style of commercial outdoor lighting that would best suit your business. There are many different styles available on the market, so it is important to choose one that fits the overall aesthetic of your business. You should also consider the size and layout of your exterior space when choosing a style of lighting.


Finally, don’t forget to consider your budget! Commercial outdoor lighting can be a significant investment, so be sure to choose an option that fits within your budget.

Commercial Outdoor Lighting Options

With so many commercial outdoor lighting options, we’ve narrowed it down to three of our favorite categories to help you think about your lighting plans: Path lights, Moon lights, and Aerial lights.

Path Lights

The front of your business’s property should be inviting to the customers’ eyes. When customers are approaching the front of your business’s property, it should be well lit and attractive.

One way to ensure your property looks nice is by installing commercial outdoor lighting in the way of path lights. We recommend path lights to illuminate the outdoor walkway and space from the vehicle to the property’s door. Path lights are when a pair of lights are placed on both sides of a walkway. This type of commercial outdoor lighting helps with safety because it allows customers to see where they are stepping when it is nighttime. If there is an uneven area of the walkway, it should be well lit to prevent anyone from falling. By lighting up the pathway, you are reducing the risk of slip and fall accidents due to poor visibility. The spacing between lights can help illuminate the entire route, which is particularly helpful during the winter months or whenever the weather is poor. We know there is a lot of information and technicalities, so it’s easiest to leave it up to the professionals at NightVision Outdoor Lighting.

Illuminated path lights to ensure safety while walking

Illuminated path lights to ensure safety while walking

Installing path lights is also aesthetically pleasing to the front of your business’s property. It will enhance the overall look of your business and encourage customers to come to the front door. Installing commercial outdoor lighting outside of your property entices customers to actually come inside your business. No one wants to enter a dark building, since darkness makes the building feel strange and unsafe. Path lights and other commercial outdoor lighting bring a welcoming and comforting sense to customers. When a building has property lighting, customers can identify the entrance of the building. Having easy access to the front door is always important as it encourages customers to approach your business!

Moon Lights

If your business provides entertainment services or offers an outdoor space that can be used for special events, then moon lights may be an appropriate solution. Moon lights are designed to provide a gentle glow that helps illuminate the area. Moon lights are a great addition to an outdoor venue space as they provide soft lighting without distracting from the event. Oftentimes, outdoor lighting ends up being too bright and causes discomfort in stark contrast to the actual events that are taking place. The goal of commercial outdoor lighting is to enhance the space, so making sure the lights are not too bright or intense for the event is very important to the success of your property.

Since the lights shine down from a higher location, they offer better illumination over a large area.

Depending on the type of business that you manage, the usefulness of the lights may vary. Some examples of reasons for moon lights include outdoor parties like weddings or dinner parties. Another type of event that would benefit from moon lights is a company’s party or reception for a fundraiser. Lighting these types of events from above is less distracting to the eye, as people will not have lights directly shining in their eyes.

Aerial Lights

What are they?

Another type of overhead light is an aerial light. These types of commercial outdoor lighting are recommended for any requirements your business’s property may need updating. There are so many codes and building requirements that have to do with lighting. These codes are dependent on where the property is, the size of the property, and other various reasons.

Aerial lights are similar to moon lights because they are both downlights. However, moon lights are for spaces, venues, special events, etc., whereas aerial lights are for any commercial outdoor lighting requirement. The reason that downlights are convenient for any business is the versatility of the lights. There are many different uses for aerial lights, and there are many ways to structure this type of commercial outdoor lighting.

How Can Aerial Lights Be Used?

properly lit parking lot

properly lit parking lot

Aerial lights can be used in a variety of different ways on your building’s property. Aerial lights are used to ensure your customers and partners are not taking unnecessary risks when they visit your business and property. One way is by illuminating the parking lots. Having proper lighting in the parking lots is helpful and important for a few different reasons. It allows customers and guests to see where they are walking. This helps with eliminating the risk of someone falling or slipping in the parking lot or on curbs. It also adds a sense of safety. When a customer is walking toward their car in the evening, it is important they feel safe in the parking lot. There should not be any spots that are darker or improperly lit. Aerial lights give a nice spread of overhead lighting which allows for the parking lots to be well lit throughout.

Driveway Lighting

Another reason for adding commercial outdoor lighting in the way of aerial lights is for illuminating commercial driveways. Driveaways should be well-lit and easily seen by anyone unfamiliar with the property. Having proper outdoor lighting makes sure that anyone who is coming to your business’s property for the first time can find a space to park, feel comfortable making their way through the parking lot, and walking to the front door. This also is for suppliers and drivers who are dropping off packages and more stock for the business. Truck drivers and other people delivering supplies to your business need to know exactly where to go to complete their delivery. Having a well-lit parking lot and commercial driveway makes it easy for the drivers to finish the delivery and get your goods on time!

Along with the parking lots and commercial driveways, the area over a door should be well lit too. This continues with the safety code requirements. Customers and guests should be able to see where they are walking to enter your business. Installing commercial outdoor lighting to the front walkway and entrance door helps with eliminating fall risks due to low lighting. It is particularly useful when a business is open late or during the winter months when the sun goes down before normal work hours are completed.

Reducing Crime with Proper Lighting

Aerial lights are not only useful to prevent injuries when walking throughout the parking lots and walkway up to your business’s door, but they also provide illumination that can help reduce the risk of crime in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Not only does it deter criminals from going up to your property, but the lights ensure that security cameras and a security team can see clearly during the evening hours. Commercial outdoor lighting in the way of aerial lights reduces the overall risk that crimes will occur.

Accent Light

Sometimes it can be difficult to decide which lights are the best lights for your business and property. Depending on how your property is laid out, you may need a variety of different lighting options to best illuminate the different areas of your property. Even though the best lights for your business’s property can vary, some businesses find that adding extra commercial outdoor lighting in the way of accent lights. Accent lights can really brighten up your space and add a new dimension to your building and property. Of course, there are multiple types of accent lights, as well, like an up light or a wash light. The way that accent lights are used depends on the areas of the space that you want to illuminate.

illuminated outdoor garden space

illuminated outdoor garden space

For example, for businesses that focus on outdoor event spaces, you may want to illuminate a particular area of a garden that is in bloom. Maybe there is a gorgeous area that is perfect for photo backgrounds, you would want to highlight this area to encourage people to go there. Wherever you add the accent lights, it will draw the customers and guests over there, so the placement of these accent lights really must be thought out. You may want to highlight key features of a patio of the office building during an outdoor business reception or even just for customers as they are walking towards the front entrance of the building. Accent lights can be used in such different ways, so you need to decide the goal of using them before figuring out placement.


Recap & Getting Started on Commerical Outdoor Lighting

The appropriate commercial outdoor lighting for your business depends on the situation, your business’s property, and the areas that you plan to illuminate. Even though the specific type of lights and lighting can vary, adding in subtle lighting or soft glowing lights can improve the appeal of your business and help reduce the number of risks associated with the company. Outdoor lights play an important role in maintaining your business’s property and company’s reputation.

If you are looking for commercial outdoor lighting, be sure to contact NightVision Outdoor Lighting for all things lighting. We offer a wide variety of options to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. Our experienced staff can assist with planning the placement of the lights, as well as collaborate with you about which lights are the best for your business’s property and its goals.