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Commercial Outdoor Lighting

Commercial Outdoor Lighting In Atlanta

By October 8, 2016July 10th, 2024No Comments

It’s a proven fact: outdoor landscape lighting is key to increasing the likelihood of potential business or visitors for commercial properties in Atlanta.

However, outdoor lighting could have the opposite effect (forcing you to lose business) if not installed or functioning properly. This makes it imperative to find a quality outdoor lighting company in Atlanta for any new commercial lighting installation. Here’s what you should look for:

Finding The Best Commercial Outdoor Lighting Company In Atlanta

Unlike other commercial services, outdoor lighting requires an incredible attention to detail and consistent maintenance. This is why choosing an outdoor lighting company with these qualities in tow should be your main goal. Where do you find a company like this?

Since 1997, NightVision (a locally owned and operated company) has been Atlanta’s go-to for top-notch commercial and residential outdoor lighting. After earning Consumer’s Choice Award honors for three years straight, NightVision has thoroughly impressed their customers with flexible pricing plans for light fixtures and professional service that goes above and beyond simply installing your lighting properly

Commercial Outdoor Lighting and Its Benefits For Businesses In Atlanta

When it comes to showcasing what makes your commercial property unique (whether it be a restaurant, shopping mall/store, hotel, school or park district) there’s no better method than outdoor lighting.

This fact is especially prevalent for businesses, as the proper outdoor lighting will make your property look overall appealing/professional to future customers while, at the same time, performing its basic purpose by highlighting architecture and business signage.

Commercial Landscape Lighting For Safety and Enhancement

In Atlanta, commercial outdoor lighting is not only an effective way to attract new business or visitors — while beautifully accenting your building’s exterior — but a means to keep your customers and/or guests safe while outside your commercial property as well.

Not only will guest be less likely to fall or trip (a huge risk for you as a business owner) outside your business, but you’ll also ward off criminal acts like burglary with a well-lit building.

Exterior lighting is perfect for businesses with outdoor seating as well, such as restaurants or cafes, as it gives your hungry guests the chance to relax and dine while enjoying the outdoor breeze and sights at night.

Commercial Outdoor Lighting in Atlanta

For all of your commercial outdoor lighting needs in Atlanta, try (locally owned and operated) NightVision Outdoor Lighting.

NightVision has been Metro Atlanta’s (and much of Northern Georgia’s) number one choice for any and every outdoor lighting project due to their fantastic track record for quick/efficient job completion and quality light fixtures. They also offer guaranteed perks for their customers including free-replacement lighting, allowing you to breath easy knowing that if a bulb burns out or you accidentally cut a wire you’ll always be covered.

We hope you’re enjoying our ‘Bright Ideas’ blog. To learn how NightVision Outdoor Lighting can enhance your next outdoor lighting project, visit our Projects page; or, to see what our customers are raving about, visit our Testimonials page.