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One simple, yet highly effective approach to making your home and property more attractive while adding additional safety and security is outdoor lighting. When used correctly, outdoor lighting provides your home with a stunning appearance after the sun goes down.

What Is Effective Outdoor Lighting?

Basically, it is lighting that properly illuminates the home and properly in a complimentary fashion. Plus, it also provides illumination for areas that need extra security such as entrances and windows on the first floor. Of course, just putting lights outside your home does not necessarily make it look better or improve the overall security. You will need to follow a proper guideline to maximize the effectiveness of the lighting that you will install.

The first step is checking with your local city building codes and ordinances to see what type of lighting is allowed for outdoor use. This is important because many communities have restrictions on the type and number of lights that can be used outdoors to illuminate the property. Once you have a list of the restrictions, you can then take the following steps to create the perfect nighttime appearance for your home.

Entrance: Your front entrance should receive special attention so you can greet guests and properly identify those who are visiting your home. You can augment your current porch lighting system with an overhang or recessed fixture that will highlight the area in front of the door. Plus, you can use a couple of wall lanterns on either side of the door that provides a warm, welcoming feeling for those at the front door. Plus, the illumination will help you identify who is at your door.

Garage: For better safety and security, you can place a lantern or light on each side for maximum illumination. This will not only make the garage door and the area in front easier to see at night, but it will also enhance the beauty of your home as well. Of course, if you want to save energy you can have the lights come on only when the garage door is opening or closing or you can install motion sensors to turn on the lights when your car is moving on the driveway.

Property: The driveway, sidewalk, pathways, and steps should also be illuminated for your personal protection. This will help reduce the number of slips, trips, and falls because of objects that otherwise would not be seen. The good news is that low-level amounts of illumination are perfectly fine for highlighting the areas where people walk on your property which means that the energy consumption level is kept at a minimum.

By using the right outdoor lighting techniques, you can enhance the beauty of your property while providing additional security and safety. You should start off by consulting with the right professionals who can provide excellent insight into installing outdoor lighting for your home. Remember, you can start with just a few lights and add to them when necessary to achieve the right look for your home.

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