Enhancing Your Yard With Outdoor Water Feature Lighting

Water feature lighting has become a new and exciting method for our Atlanta homeowners to showcase their water features and surrounding landscaping.

While many outdoor lighting companies in Atlanta will use submersible pond lighting, we at NightVision prefer to utilize downlighting, in order to showcase the water feature. As opposed to creating glare from within the water, our outdoor lighting designers choose to light from above using low-voltage lighting.  

With this method, we can create a unique effect on the water and make it shine gorgeously at night. Here are some additional tips for enhancing your outdoor water features with the right outdoor lighting:

Highlighting Attractive Water Features

Oftentimes, our outdoor lighting technicians will place light fixtures in the trees surrounding your water features and aim them at many different areas of the water feature itself for one amazing effect.  

These light fixtures are almost invisible, meaning the light will be coming from an area many may never be able to notice.  With that being said, if trees are unavailable in your yard or are too tall, NightVision Outdoor Lighting can also make the water feature look just as incredible using another technique.

Ground Light Fixtures For Spotlighting Water Features

As an alternative to placing fixtures in your trees, you can also highlight water features by using fixtures on the ground, while making sure to try and camouflage them as much as possible.

While these light fixture are usually still somewhat visible, no matter how hard you to try to conceal them, the light is spread evenly nonetheless, and focuses the attention on the water feature itself instead of on the fixtures.

With this technique, your water features and surrounding areas become a huge focal point, making them one of the main features of the entire backyard that will have guests and family amazed.

Professional Water Feature Lighting in Atlanta

At the end of the day, a water feature is an investment of your money and space in your yard.

This is why making sure that you can enjoy it at all hours is of the utmost importance, and where NightVision will work with you in order to create a design that will make it look visually impressive at night.

Our professional outdoor lighting designers will work with you in order to light areas of the water feature that you believe will look best.  

Of course, our outdoor lighting designers have many years of experience under their belt, which means they know exactly how to make the water feature look perfect, even if you are indecisive on how you want it to look at night.

Downlighting and Submersible Lighting in Atlanta

While our preferred method of water feature lighting is downlighting, there are some real benefits (and downsides) for using submersible lighting.  

Keep an eye on our blog, as we’ll be posting some of the pros and cons of submersible lighting when it comes to properly highlighting water features in your yard.

We hope you’re finding our ‘Bright Ideas’ blog enjoyable and informative. If you want to learn how NightVision Outdoor Lighting can enhance your next outdoor lighting project in Atlanta, visit our Projects page; or, to see what our customers are raving about, visit our Testimonials page.