Garden Lighting – Brighten Up Your Outdoor Space

Of the different types of exterior lighting available, one of the most intriguing is that of garden lighting. The beauty of your plants and landscape can be highlighted with the right type of lighting that shows off its features at night. Plus, the light itself can be very economical and when used properly add value to your property.

What Is Garden Lighting?

The differences between garden lighting and landscape lighting are subtle, but the most important is having to do with plants and other features of your property. The lighting itself is meant to highlight specific areas for the sole purpose of illumination at night to showcase what your lawn and garden have to offer.

This generally means the grass and plants, but it can also include features like steps, fountains, rock formations, or other areas in your garden that you want illuminated. The end result is having your property enhanced by the type of lighting that really shows off its best natural features.

Five Steps To Properly Lighting Your Garden Or Landscape

Budget: Naturally, you are going to have to set a reasonable budget in order to properly highlight the areas of your garden or landscape that you want illuminated. You can choose a few low-end solar-battery lights that highlight a few spots or go with a complete system hooked to the main electricity of your home. In any case, you’ll want to set proper limits that stay within what you are willing to pay.

Scope: How large an area do you want to highlight? This is a very important consideration because it not only affects your budget, but the overall look and appearance of your property. You may find that only highlighting certain areas are needed to truly enhance your garden. However, depending on the design of your landscape, you may want to go further in order to really bring out its beauty.

Inspection: You can start this process by doing it yourself. Start in the daytime and take photos of the general area you want highlighted by lights. Then, go out at night to see again what it looks like comparing it to the pictures you took during the day. You may find some areas are already well lit while others sit in total darkness.

Consultation: This is where a professional company comes into play. They can offer you sound advice on what their lighting can do for your garden or landscape area. You can speak to a representative who will visit your property and describe what they can do in terms of illumination, cost, and overall maintenance.

Maintenance: Maintaining the appearance of your garden lighting year after year is an important consideration. The good news is that most outdoor lights are LED which use very little power and can withstand considerable impacts so cleaning and replacement costs are very low.

Overall, proper garden lighting starts with what you want to highlight in your yard to its greatest benefit. By taking a little time to look over the possibilities, you can have the right lighting system installed that fits within your budget and is easy to maintain.

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