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Yard Lighting

Reasons You Should Have A Lighted Lawn In Atlanta

By September 9, 2016No Comments

You may have seen the lawns of neighbors, family, or friends that are lighted and wondered if it was right for you. After all, the first impression of many people is that having a lighted lawn is an extravagance that is only for the well-to-do.

However, outdoor lighting is inexpensive and augments your property to a great degree. In fact, there are good reasons why this type of lighting will work well for your home. By taking the time to consider the reasons, you may find yourself adding some outdoor lighting to your front or back yards.


Naturally, the right type of outdoor lighting will certainly enhance and make even more beautiful the property you own. Consider lighting that highlights a garden, rock formation, or natural feature of your landscape that makes it even more wondrous to behold at night. This includes your home as well since proper lighting can really bring out the best in your house.


In addition to enhancing your property, the added illumination also provides additional safety when you come home at night. Considering the number of slips and falls that occur in the driveway, sidewalk, and front porch all because a slippery spot or object that was tripped over went unseen because of the darkness. You can install effective, low cost outdoor lighting that illuminates the edges of the driveway, sidewalk, and porch so that you can better see the ground below your feet. When you consider the consequences of injury to yourself, your family, and friends, a little illumination can go a long way to prevent such things from happening.


Another aspect related to safety is the protection of your property. Consider the darkened areas around your home that make it easy for intruders to enter. By putting up just a few lights in the right places, including those that have motion sensors which only light up when someone or something is moving in the darkness can really help protect your property. Thieves are attracted to the soft, unprotected targets and the presence of security lights around your home will go a long way to dissuade them.

Property Improvement

It’s amazing how a little outdoor lighting can go a long way towards improving the value of your property. This is not so much in raising the value, but in making a far greater impression on potential buyers. This is very important if you are considering selling your home that making it as attractive as possible means sales will tend to go at a quicker pace. So, a small investment in outdoor lighting that provides the right highlights offers you a greater opportunity to get your home noticed.

There are certainly many more reasons why outdoor lighting is important. However, it should be noted that thanks to advances in lighting technology it’s now more affordable, durable, and beautiful than ever before. Now is the time to consider investing in a little outdoor lighting to properly illuminate the areas of your property to its best effect for safety, security, and overall beauty.

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