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Yard Lighting

How Atlanta Yard Lighting Lets Your Kids Play In Winter?

By August 28, 2016No Comments

We know (at time of writing this article) it’s the Summer 🙂

But it’s the right time of year to have us come out to your home and install outdoor lighting.

You’ll then be ready to enjoy in the Autumn and Winter.

Read on…

Atlanta yard lighting does what it says it does – it lights up your yard. You can use it for your yard, your deck and your pool, or you can use landscape lighting to light up the area of your entire property. Here, we shall discuss your yard and deck and how you get help your kids to enjoy themselves outdoor safely in the late fall and winter.

Yard And Deck Lighting In Winter

Winter darkness comes too fast for kids. It gets dark way before bedtime and you have them at home, indoors, for a large part of the year. A large part of the year when they could be outdoors playing! Sure, it’s not safe for children to play outdoors on the road, no matter how good the municipal lighting is. However, with a bit of thought and a bit of help from Night Vision you can make it safe for them to play in their own yard – and even have their friends round!

Atlanta yard lighting can light up your whole yard – no matter how large it is. You can turn your paths and tracks into a fairyland for your kids, or simply illuminate the whole area. Yard and deck lighting are one and the same – it’s just the name that changes. The lighting systems can be the fundamentally the same for both.

Imaginative Accent Lighting

Twilight can be almost as dangerous as night for a young child, so you are likely to have your kids at home not long after their evening meal – if not before it. Atlanta yard lighting can extend this period indefinitely. By lighting up the whole area of your yard you will make it much safer for your kids and any friends they have with them. They can play with their friends for as long as you, and the friends’ parents, are willing to allow them. Daylight hours become irrelevant.

If you are unhappy about lighting up your entire yard, you can illuminate a portion of it for them, or even just your deck. If you have larger grounds, you may a have several pathways winding through and around your property. Why not light these with soft lighting as a fairy wonderland for your kids. You can have small circular twinkling lights set into the ground either side of the paths, and illuminate individual features with spotlights – maybe using different colors of light. Light filters are available in all the colors of the rainbow.

Importance of Yard and Deck Safety at Night

The most important reason for installing yard and deck lighting is safety. These areas can be dangerous to young children at night, and in winter night-time starts well before their normal bedtimes. Sure, you can keep your kids indoors, but even the most patient and easy-going parents like a bit of peace now and again.

It is easy to take your eye of them just for moment – and that’s all it takes sometimes. It is much easier to simply switch on your yard or deck lighting and relax. Not only can you see them and they see you, but it also easier for them to avoid the hazards that can be invisible in the dark. Simple hazards, such as falling down steps or tripping over a garden hose, falling into a fish pond or even falling into the pool can be avoided if the area is lit up at night.

You can improve yard safety and the safety of your pool and deck by removing all the hazards you find, including tripping hazards. Installing yard lighting would definitely help, so give us a no-obligation call on 678-828-2999 or check out the Night Vision Contact Page. Now is the time to start planning for this coming fall and winter.