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Summer is here, and it sure is hot! With summer comes all of the fun of extra time spent outdoors. But with the southern heat, you’re probably looking for ways to cool off, too. You might try cooling off in the pool. Or maybe you’ll gather around the fire pit as the sun goes down and temperature mercifully begins to drop. Barbecuing is another excellent way to get outdoors, especially in the evening.

But if you’re going to enjoy your yard, patio, pool, deck, or fire pit area after the sun goes down, you’ll need light. Maximize the fun by installing stylish and safe outdoor landscape lighting that will maximize your use of your outdoor space this summer and for years to come. There are many options to choose from, but here are a few of our customers’ favorites.

Get Ready for Summer Fun with NightVision Outdoor Lighting [infographic]

Outside Path Lighting

You home undoubtedly has some outdoor paths, and navigating them at night can be hazardous. Whether an outdoor path leads to a swimming pool, fire pit, hot tub, or just provides a walkway for enjoying your yard, you need to be able to see it at night. Outside path lighting literally helps lead the way. You and your family will enjoy the safety, security, and comfort of being able to see where you’re going, even at night. You also won’t need to worry about someone falling in the dark and injuring themselves. After all, there’s no worse way to end a cool evening outdoors than with an injury.

Deck Lighting

Your deck is your space to barbeque, relax, and enjoy the outdoors with the convenience of your house just steps away. It’s also a great space to host. And as the sun goes down, so do the temperatures, making nighttime parties an ideal summer escape. Installing deck lighting will make your deck seem more welcoming. Well-designed lighting doesn’t just let you see. It can create an ambiance to set the scene for your outdoor enjoyment.

Patio, Pool, and Fire Pit Lighting for Summer Fun

If you have an outdoor pool or hot tub, there’s nothing like the luxury of a nighttime dip. Installing lighting around the pool area will allow you and your guests to feel safer after the sun goes down. Adding strategic lighting to the area around your fire pit will still allow you to enjoy that campfire feeling. Good fire pit lighting provides enough light to avoid dark shadows, so you don’t have to turn on a flashlight just to find your way around. You want the campfire feel, but you also want the luxuries of home.

Landscape Lighting

In addition to lighting decks, paths, patios, and pool areas, many of our customers have chosen to add landscape lighting. Landscape lighting can make your yard, your existing landscaping, and any special features take on a whole new light after dark. You can add fun and colorful accents to a water feature or pond, or add elegant accent lighting to a tree. Adding outdoor lighting to your home can have a dramatic effect. You can admire your expertly lit home as you sit on your newly lighted patio or deck. You and your guests will also notice the difference as you pull up to your home from the street. Outdoor lighting is an excellent way to immediately boost curb appeal.

Landscape lighting, outside path lighting, and deck lighting can completely transform the look and feel of your yard. Don’t be stuck inside when the sun goes down this summer! To fully enjoy the long summer nights, contact NightVision today to learn more about all of the available options. Our outdoor lighting experts will work with you to design landscape and outdoor lighting that meets both your dreams for your yard and your budget, so you can extend those long summer evenings and continue making memories.