There’s No Better Time To Install Landscape Lighting Throughout Your Home

There’s no time like the present to improve the looks, functionality, and safety of your home. You have lots of choices when it comes to home improvement. But if you’re looking for a way to really enhance your biggest investment, you’ll definitely want to consider your many landscape lighting options. Plants and garden features often take center stage when it comes to adding aesthetic appeal to your property. But when you combine your landscape improvements with the right type of lighting, you can completely transform your home. Whether you choose small LED lights hidden in the shrubs or decorative wall-mounted lights fixed to the outside of your home, there are lots of options to take advantage of. So don’t wait. Install landscape lighting today to enhance your home’s true beauty.

There's No Better Time to Install Landscape Lighting Throughout Your Home [infographic]

Enhance The Architectural Features Of Your Home

One of the most valuable benefits when you install landscape lighting around your home is that it enhances architectural features. From gables to patios, lighting will go a long way in accenting these features. Outdoor landscaping looks great during that day. But what about the nighttime appearance of your home? When you have guests over in the evening, they may not even see your beautiful gardens. But with some properly placed lights, your home can look like the fanciest resorts. Many homeowners have told us that they love the dramatic effect light can create. We install professional LED landscape lighting along important paths, down the driveway, and around any sidewalks and patios. The overall effect is stunning.

Add Security to Your Home

Another excellent reason to install landscape lighting around your home is the added security. Landscape lighting adds more than just the sense of security and protection you get at first glance. Studies have shown that homes with exterior lighting are not as likely to be targeted for crimes of burglary and vandalism. With the outside of the house lit up, criminals have fewer places to hide and try to break in. It’s essential to illuminate doorways and windows with lights. Lighting entryways will make it extremely difficult for a criminal to enter the home without being noticed. You should also add lights to the parts of your property that have open entrances, such as between bushes.

While merely lighting up your property will keep most criminals at bay, you can improve your security with a few well-placed security lights. Security lights are usually large, bright spotlights that are activated by a motion sensor. You get to enjoy your landscape at night with just enough light to create a magical effect. But imagine the surprise of a would-be criminal when they are suddenly greeted by a floodlight pointing right at them!

Great Way to Add Ambience

Do you spend time outdoors during the evening? Exterior lighting is one of the best ways to create ambiance in any outdoor space. Of course, you need to provide enough light that you and your guests can see at night. Adequate light helps make sure everyone is safe when moving around outdoors. But light doesn’t just have to be functional.

Night Vision Outdoor Lighting can help you design and install landscape lighting that creates the right ambiance for each part of your property. Patios and decks are perfect areas of the home to add light, but too many homeowners just put up a spotlight and call it a day. With well-designed lighting, you can make your patio or deck the nighttime oasis you’ve always wanted. Lighting can even expand the amount of outdoor living space you have.

Boosts Safety

Stumbling around in the dark has never been a safe way to get around. So if you have decided to install landscape lighting for your home, make sure you add it to any stairs and drop-offs. Not only is this important for you and your guests, but it also enhances the safety of your pets.

If you let your dog out at night, to run around or just do its business, your pup needs to see where it’s going. Just like you, a dog that can’t see is at risk of dangerous trips and falls. You’ll also want to add lights to any outdoor swimming areas. Proper lighting should be part of your security plan to keep people and pets from accidental falls.

Professional Design Makes A Difference When You Install Landscape Lighting

The number one tip to keep in mind when adding outdoor lighting is that expertise matters. Have a specialist accompany you as you examine your property together. A professional can simplify the process of choosing the best placement for new lighting. They will also help you understand the various lighting options and installation processes you have to choose from. With the help of a qualified lighting expert, you can have your home looking better than ever before.