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Few things around a residential home can compare to attractively designed, carefully laid out, and exquisitely effective yard lighting. Outdoor lighting or exterior lighting that enhances landscaping can change the entire look and feel of your yard. What would otherwise be an ordinary or uninteresting yard comes to life at night. Accenting landscaping through the use of modern exterior landscape lighting has essential advantages for homeowners. Exterior yard lighting enhances your curb appeal and makes your home stand out. It adds security and makes your home welcoming to guests. Of course, you can also just appreciate your beautiful home. Here are a few simple and straightforward tips on creating more effective yard lighting for your home or business.

Tips On More Effective Yard Lighting [infographic]

Effective Yard Lighting Controls

Our first tip is that you should make full use of modern technology. The days of flipping a switch to turn on your exterior lights are long gone. Yard lighting controls that work with landscape lighting have gone high-tech. Automated control systems make outdoor lighting management more convenient and more effective.

The simplest automated system detects ambient light levels and keeps your lights on from dusk to dawn. But in many cases, you don’t need the lights on all night. You can save energy and avoid light pollution by turning off most of your lights by 11:00 p.m. After that, you can leave on just a few security lights. Of course, there will be times when you want your lights to stay on later. That’s where more high-tech and customizable solutions come in.

The possibilities for exterior illumination control are almost unlimited today. Wireless control systems and even mobile applications are some of the most popular options. Wireless control systems are particularly desirable because they are less intrusive, less expensive, and easier to install. Homeowners should consider lighting control systems for exterior lighting that allows for the highest level of creative control.

Bringing the Inside Outside

Another unique way to enhance your yard is to install interior-style light fixtures in an outdoor space. Bringing the indoors to the outdoors via a patio, deck, or another common area can be as simple as adding a lighted ceiling fan. A ceiling fan will keep your guests cool on warm summer nights as well as bring a homey feeling to your covered outdoor spaces. Another option is to use wall sconces, standing lamps, or other indoor-style fixtures on your patio or deck. Just make sure that any fixture you use is UL rated for outdoor use.

Where Outside Lighting Will Be Installed

When deciding where to install your outdoor lighting, homeowners should consider all aspects of their home design. Make sure to include the existing architecture, color, and design of the home where you will install the exterior lighting. One great tip is to consider the cumulative effect of light throughout your yard and only then focus on the details. It is essential to take into account the overall impact of the lighting design. Then consider how each space and each view will look on its own. When you take the long view and the close up view, you can make sure that all of your lighting is well-planned. If you are unsure of how to accomplish this, consult an experienced and knowledgeable outdoor lighting professional light Night Vision. That’s the most reliable way to get the impressive look that you want for your yard.

Proper Landscape Illumination

Finally, one of the most critical and often overlooked elements of good outdoor house lighting is being thorough. Ensure that all the key features of your landscape are adequately lighted. Doing a partial job or only lighting a few features will not do. Even if you choose to leave some areas dark, only do so on purpose with design in mind.

Ultimately, bringing in professionals to have this type of work performed is the best way to get the results you dream of. Experts in the field of yard lighting know what works and what does not work when it comes to proper landscape illumination. Take the time to work with professionals and enjoy an impressive outcome. Contact Night Vision Outdoor Lighting for the best in Atlanta outdoor house light installation.