How Outdoor Lighting Can Enhance Your Patio

There is no denying the incredible visual appeal that a patio can provide a yard. You may have a small space with a single picnic table or something significantly more elaborate. But any Patio gives homeowners the perfect place for entertaining while outdoors. Combining the right outdoor lighting fixtures with the latest patio designs is the perfect way to enhance your patio lighting.

Lighting a patio is a simple way to make it look and feel more like a real living space. NightVision Outdoor Lighting provides a wide variety of choices for lighting styles and types. We make it easy to light the patio of your dreams.

How Outdoor Lighting Can Enhance Your Patio [infographic]

Starting Simple

Begin with basic porch lighting. The first thing you will want to do is to install lighting near the doors. We often use a traditional porch light for this to provide adequate light to enter and exit safely. These fixtures also provide the first pool of light for your patio and can set the style.

If you have any steps leading to your patio, you can also use step lighting fixtures. These smaller fixtures are perfect for enhancing safety and beauty. Rail lighting can also add another design element to the space while giving you just a touch of light where it is needed the most.

These types of simple outdoor patio lighting also enhance the other exterior lighting elements you may have.

Bringing The Entire Look Together

To create a complete outdoor lighting design, you need to look beyond the patio or deck. A patio is a great place to start, but you should also focus on the landscaping around it. This will also enhance your patio lighting.

A pond or water feature highlighted with a pond light is an incredible focal point for any outdoor lighting design.

Additionally, highlight the architectural elements of your home. Use spotlights to bring attention to the unique features of your home’s facade. You can also shine a light on your favorite areas of the garden with soft-spot lighting. Make sure to plan ahead to integrate your outdoor patio lighting into the existing features of your exterior lighting plan.

Creating A Total Outdoor Living Space

Patio lighting is a great place to start with your outdoor living plan. To further improve your outdoor living space, you can also install path lighting.

Pathway lighting helps keep your landscaping and your guests safe by highlighting commonly used walkways or sidewalks. It also adds another outdoor lighting element to your overall design.

Path lights are for more than just illuminating a pathway. Instead of just lining a walkway, path lights can be tucked amongst shrubs or on the edges of a garden. There they can become an easy way to add a touch of artistic light throughout your landscaped outdoor space.

A Variety of Fixtures to Enhance Your Patio.

Brighten up your outdoor living spaces with a full selection of exterior lighting fixtures for your patio and garden. You can get as creative as you like, from straightforward patio lighting for family get-togethers to a complete landscaped look. The proper outdoor patio lighting ideas can help you enhance your patio to enjoy for years to come.

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