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With the spring season just around the corner, you may be wondering how to liven up your home’s outdoor spaces. One of the best ways to achieve this is by accenting your yard, beginning with accent tree lighting.

Trees can provide an oasis of shade during the day. But they can also be a functional part of your landscape at night. When you highlight trees at night with accent tree lighting, you can an inviting focal point for your yard.

Here are just a few of the benefits of installing outdoor accent tree lighting professionals at NightVision Outdoor Lighting.

Enhancing The Look of Your Yard With Outdoor Accent Tree Lighting [infographic]

Why We Recommend Outdoor Tree Lighting When Creating A Design For A Client

Illuminated trees can do an incredible job when it comes to creating the “walls” of your outdoor space at night. In most landscapes, trees can be some of the most central and dramatic structures and features.

When you light them properly, trees can add shape and form to your yard, defining spaces within your landscape. This is why focusing on your trees makes perfect sense if you want to create a captivating evening scene.

How We Choose Which Trees To Highlight In A Yard Full of Trees

If you have a yard full of trees, you will need to choos which trees, in particular, to highlight. Our outdoor lighting professionals often key in on ornamental trees to create focal points throughout the landscape. We also factor in the larger, more mature trees in a homeowner’s yard, as these can create a ceiling-like effect when they are illuminated.

Ultimately, which trees you want to highlight will depend on their shape, size, and placement within your landscape. Depending on how many trees you have, you may accent just one or two. Or you may light a whole grove to create a unique evening forest effect.

Different Outdoor Lighting Techniques For Different Sizes And Types of Trees

The technique we use to light a tree depends upon the size of the homeowner’s yard and the types of trees our outdoor lighting technicians are working with. We use varying outdoor lighting techniques that are customized for your trees, your yard, and your style.

For instance, for a tree with a broad canopy, we might illuminate the interior of the tree with uplighting. Uplighting a tree with a broad canopy creates a dramatic structure that highlights spreading branches and creates a ceiling-like effect. We also customize the tone of lighting (cool to light) to allow the colors of the foliage to pop at night.

How Accent Lighting Trees in a Yard Adds to The Overall Landscape Lighting Scene

Accenting trees adds so much visual appeal to the overall lighting scene. Whether we’re working with Crepe Myrtles, Holly varieties, Maples, or Evergreens, illuminating these trees can change a space. Expert lighting can make a massive backyard feel more intimate or a smaller yard feel like a fuller, more expansive outdoor room.

Accent lighting your Atlanta home’s trees in the front, side, or back yard can change a space. It makes an otherwise dark landscape at night a truly inviting landscape to come home to.

Finding Quality Outdoor Accent Tree Lighting Fixtures And Installation in Atlanta

Contact NightVision Outdoor Lighting to consult with an outdoor lighting specialist. We’ll help you design clever and pleasing outdoor accent tree lighting for your Atlanta home or business. You can also give us  a call today at 678-828-2999 or take a tour of our website.

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