Landscaping Lights For Anywhere And Anytime

Today, more than ever before, homeowners are turning to affordable landscape lighting. It’s a way to take any home from ordinary to extraordinary without any major renovations. When landscaping lights are appropriately positioned and carefully chosen, the result can be quite impressive. Best of all, by working with the right team of experts, it is easy to create perfect outdoor yard lighting arrangements. Here are a few useful ways to turn ordinary yard lighting into something dramatic, beautiful, and memorable.

Lighting For Your Landscaping

Ideally, you should include exterior lighting in your overall landscaping plan to bring shrubs, plants, and trees to life long after the sun has set. Extending the viewing enjoyment of your outdoor space is well worth the effort and time. One example of how outdoor landscaping lighting can have a noticeable effect is highlighting or placing on display a beautiful tree in your yard.

Direct Lighting

Palm trees are especially improved when they are adequately illuminated with landscaping lights. A beautiful palm tree lighted in the right way can look spectacular. This is especially true because the lower levels of a palm tree are relatively uninteresting. Conversely, the higher sections of a palm tree have beautifully attractive greenery that can be showcased with the right type of lighting. Focusing a narrow beam of light on the upper vegetation or growth of a tall plant or tree is one very useful technique. It can take an ordinary yard to a level of perfection that would otherwise not be possible. For shorter trees and shrubs, it is best to highlight the top of the vegetation with directed lighting.

Landscaping Lights For Anywhere And Anytime [infographic]

Balanced Lighting

Path lighting is a great way to make your landscaping more functional at night. If you’ve put effort into building a beautiful garden or outdoor living space, it makes no sense to abandon it after dark. Path lighting, patio lighting, and deck lighting bring your outdoor living spaces to life at night.

It is best to keep in mind a balance between task lighting, ambient lighting, and decorative lighting. Task lighting is critical for doing the things you want to do outdoors. For instance, lighting a grill or a reading area will allow you to enjoy activities outdoors. Ambient lighting is useful to set a mood and allow you and your guests to move about safely. Decorative lighting brings your favorite features to life, like flower beds, favorite trees, and hardscaping features.

Low Wattage Outdoors Lighting

It is always best to go for a lower wattage when illuminating landscaping in a residential or commercial setting. Low wattage lights are far more impressive and more subdued, creating a more decorative and attractive environment. Low wattage yard lighting will also reduce glare and make for a more pleasing and attractive outdoor space. As a bonus, low wattage outdoor lighting or landscape lighting is simply easier on the eyes. Explore all your options when choosing to install landscape lighting around your home. Contact Night Vision Outdoor Lighting for the best and Atlanta yard lighting services.