Where Can Landscape Lights Be Used?

Where can landscape lights be used? This is a question frequently asked by homeowners who want to add intrigue and appeal to their existing landscaping. The good news is that you can use modern landscape lights almost anywhere and add appeal to virtually any sized yard. Some simple lighting can be a do-it-yourself project. But high-quality lighting typically requires the guidance and assistance of an experienced and knowledgeable exterior lighting expert. When you work with professional designers and installers, the results can be quite impressive.

Task Lighting & Area Lighting

A deck is one place where landscape lights really shine—excuse our lighting puns—because deck lighting is both attractive and functional. Whether it is task lighting or area lighting, one thing is sure: outdoor lighting can bring a deck to life.

Task lighting is usually brighter than area lighting. It’s there to let you do things where you really can’t afford to be in the dark. If you plan to barbecue on a deck, task lighting can illuminate your cooking area. If you have other plans, like reading, playing games, or even knitting, if you like, task lighting is crucial.

The area lighting is less focused on function, and it is typically dimmer than task lighting. Its purpose is primarily to make it safe and comfortable to move around your deck at night. It doesn’t have to be bright enough to read. But it can set the mood, let you see the face of someone you’re speaking to, or make it possible to eat.

When it’s used appropriately, deck lighting can and should improve safety. For example, steps that descend from a deck need adequate lighting to prevent falls. Even a front porch or rear patio can benefit from the right type of outdoor lighting. Any elevation change, even a small step, should be illuminated. If you don’t have a railing, as on a low patio, you need to light up the edges, so no one accidentally stumbles off. Safety is always a top priority of any NighVision lighting project.

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Pool and Submersible Lighting

Exterior lighting around a pool is another great way to keep the fun going long after the sun goes down. Properly positioned exterior lighting can significantly enhance a pool area. The addition of colored lights can create a festive environment for nighttime pool parties. Accent lighting, area lighting, and even submersible lighting are often used to make pool areas more functional, welcoming, and enjoyable.

Safety is always critical around a pool. In addition to lights that create an atmosphere and make your pool look fantastic, every pool needs safety lighting. Lighting along the pool deck or in the pool itself can highlight where the deck ends and the pool begins. Area lighting needs to be sufficiently bright to prevent slips on wet ground. It is also a good idea to install brighter task lighting that you can flip on in emergencies.

Post Lights

Designers often use post lights to turn an ordinary fence or deck railing into something special. Post lighting is excellent for defining a space and creating just the right accent. At NightVision, we prefer LED landscape lights to traditional incandescent light bulbs. And when you combine low voltage lighting, outdoor pendant lights, and the many other types of available fixtures, the possibilities are endless. With so much to offer, it is clear why more and more homeowners are turning to modern exterior lighting as a way to increase the value of their property and make it more appealing.

Knowledgeable Exterior Lighting Expert

You can significantly enhance the exterior of a home with properly positioned lights. From floodlights to spread lights and low voltage LED perimeter lighting, there are many ways to turn an ordinary yard into an inviting and impressive space. You could place LED lights in a flower garden or flowerbed, or even in an organic vegetable garden. Working with an experienced and knowledgeable exterior lighting expert is always the best way to get quality results.

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