Modern Low Voltage Landscape Lighting – Transform Your Oasis

There are many options available today when it comes to landscape lighting. But few types of lighting can compare to beautifully attractive low voltage lighting. In fact, low-voltage landscape lighting can produce far more impressive results than other high-powered kinds of lights. Best of all, low-voltage landscape lighting is affordable, easy to maintain, and lasts a long time.

Professional Outdoor Lighting Experts

Low-voltage yard lighting is impressive and safe to use outdoors. It can enhance a deck, highlight a walkway, or simply point out an attractive shrub. Many homeowners and even some business owners think they can install this type of lighting on their own. But only a professional outdoor lighting expert can get the most dramatic results. Amateurs who try to install low-voltage outdoor lighting themselves can also make costly and dangerous mistakes. An outdoor lighting professional will help ensure that you use the right types of fixtures and that they are correctly installed. The result is incredibly beautiful nighttime lighting for your entire yard.

Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Never Looked So Good [infographic]

Yard Lighting Fixtures

Low-voltage yard lighting comes in many styles, designs, and sizes. From entrance lighting—which offers general illumination of driveways and walkways—to unique globe lighting that offers general lighting without unwanted glare, the possibilities are virtually endless. Low-voltage lighting can also come in the form of fixtures that illuminate walls, shrubs, and other focal points in your yard. When you purchase your fixtures, stay away from cheap or low-cost equipment. Quality yard lighting fixtures that can endure the elements will ultimately save time, trouble, and money. And the quality materials and products you invest in upfront will eventually pay for themselves down the road.

Quality Outside LED Lights

You can even purchase floodlights as part of a low voltage or low wattage lighting system. Use low-voltage floodlights to create highlighting or backlighting for a particular area of a yard. If you require security lighting, you may wish to install high-powered floodlights that are operated independently from the main landscape lighting setup. This will ensure the highest level of security at all times for residential or commercial lighting systems.

Modern outdoor lighting using LEDs can be installed almost anywhere, effectively adding dimension to your landscaping. A lack of light, on the other hand, causes a yard to look two dimensional and dull. Lighting at night is essential in helping the human eye detect depth correctly.

Low Wattage Light Fixtures

Low-profile fixtures are another excellent strategy for enhancing any yard, large or small. You can hide low-profile outdoor lighting fixtures behind trees, shrubs, and even small plants to produce a glow of light that seems almost magical. Creating interest and subtle shadows is best achieved through using low-glow or low-wattage light fixtures throughout a landscaped yard. One of the biggest mistakes that people make is in using lights that are too bright and too overbearing. Enjoy beautiful outdoor lighting by staying subtle in all that you do. Contact Night Vision Outdoor Lighting today for the best in Atlanta outdoor house lights.