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Thanks to your vehicle, your driveway is the most often used entrance to your property. However, it can also be the cause of safety concerns at night. If you can’t see the edge of the pavement, it’s easy to trip and fall. Every year, thousands of people are injured when they lose their footing while exiting their vehicles or walking to the front door. This is all because they cannot see obstacles that are visible in the daytime. If you misjudge the location of the edge of the driveway, you could be in for a dangerous fall. Proper lighting can prevent accidents and beautify your home because driveway lighting improves safety.

How Driveway Lighting Improves Safety While Making Your Property Beautiful [infographic]

What Is Effective Driveway Lighting?

Effective driveway lighting improves safety. It includes lights used to highlight the area around your driveway, sidewalk, and the entrance to your garage or front door. A variety of fixtures can provide improved safety and help make your property more attractive at night.

Thanks to the emergence of the light-emitting diode (LED) technology, effective driveway lighting is exceptionally durable. It also uses only a fraction of the energy of a standard incandescent light or halogen bulb. This means that you can safely light up your driveway without being a burden to your electric bill.

Proper Lighting Installation for Your Driveway

Installing driveway lighting that improves safety starts with taking a few minutes during the day to look at your driveway area. Then come out at night to notice where you need proper illumination to see what you saw during the day. A piece of chalk can help you temporarily mark the areas during the day that need to be illuminated at night for you to walk safely from your vehicle to your home.

Safety can take on different forms depending on your particular needs. You can use larger, lantern-type lighting to illuminate the general area in front of your home. Or you can choose to use smaller strip lighting to highlight the edges of your driveway and walkway. Strip lighting is handy since it provides a path to safety and is very attractive at night.

Lighting can also provide beautification in addition to safety, making your home look better at night. You can choose lighting that highlights your yard, home, and driveway. You could also use color combinations or focus on particular areas of your home to make them stand out.

If you are concerned about security, try to identify areas where intruders may hide. You can install lights with motion sensors that only activate when someone approaches your home. And they can do more than illuminate darkened areas for security. They are also useful for lighting up your home as you arrive, so you can safely make your way to the entrance.

Ultimately, you should choose the type of driveway lighting products that work best for your home. Any driveway lighting improves safety, so your final layout can be a matter of personal preference. Consult professional outdoor lighting experts who offer design and installation, like the pros at Night Vision Outdoor lighting. Working with professionals, you can get a good price on high-end fixtures, protect your safety, and help your property look its best at night.