What Are The Practical Benefits Of Landscape Lighting?

Landscape lighting is becoming one of the most popular ways to enhance a home. Yard lighting or landscape lighting has many practical benefits. For example, one of the easiest ways to show off the elegance and beauty of any home after sunset is with the right lighting. When you add house lighting or exterior yard lights, your whole home is transformed. Those wishing to showcase a favorite shrub, flower, or tree will find that lighting offers the perfect solution. Lighting can create a focal point in a well-manicured yard.

What Are The Practical Benefits Of Landscape Lighting [infographic]

Making Use Of Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Fountains, sculptures, artwork, pools, trees, and other features around a home can be dramatized impressively. When landscape lighting is appropriately applied, you can turn a favorite feature into a dramatic showpiece. And when a lighting project is adequately planned and completed, it’s easy to relax and enjoy your backyard or entertain outdoors.

One unique way of getting more from your outdoor lighting is to consider using low voltage landscape lighting. Low voltage lighting is energy-efficient and provides a greater amount of light per watt of electricity. It also dramatically reduces the risk of electrical hazards such a shock or injury from hitting a live power line.

Low Wattage Landscape Lighting

Another one of the great benefits of low voltage landscape lighting is that it is minimally disruptive to existing landscaping. It doesn’t require any heavy cables or large wires. Best of all, low wattage landscape lighting is simple and easy to reposition and relocate as desired. Fixtures can be removed and replaced as needed. With so much to offer, it is clear to see why low-voltage landscape lighting has become so popular. From saving money to saving time and trouble, this type of exterior lighting simply makes sense.

Landscape Lighting Layout

One obvious benefit of a well-planned exterior lighting project is that it improves safety and security. The chances of falling or tripping at night are significantly reduced when you install exterior lighting. When planning for a landscape lighting layout, it is best to take advantage of all that professionals have to offer. Landscape lighting experts can ensure that a proper design is considered from the very beginning. That improves the chances of having a spectacular outcome and ensures long-term satisfaction.

Modern Landscape Illumination

Finally, many types of lights can be used for modern landscape illumination. For example, uplights direct light upwards towards trees and structures. Conversely, downlighting or area lighting can enhance landscaped areas from above. Moonlighting is similar to downlighting, except that it uses softer, bluer light. The light is positioned relatively high compared to other lights, where it can be filtered through tree branches to create a subtle light effect reminiscent of natural moonlight.

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