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Nothing beats the sweetness of returning home to a loving family after a long day. Warm, welcoming lights for the front of your house make it even better. If you haven’t installed any yet, you are not only missing out on good vibes, but you might also be inviting some safety concerns. On the brighter side, if you haven’t installed the lighting, this article will offer you incredible ideas to help you make your first decision a great one.

Outdoor Lighting Ideas For Front of House – 2023 Edition

The lighting you use in front of your house impacts not just you but everyone who sees your property. It can draw out your home’s best features and pull attention from any less desirable areas. This section will discuss the best lighting ideas for your front house in 2023 and beyond. 

Get Creative with Pathway Lighting

One thing about pathway lighting is that there are many styles you can try. You don’t have to copy your neighbor, for goodness sake! Get creative with it. First, you must understand that the lighting helps your pathway come alive.

The lighting should be subtle, not blinding. You want to ensure everyone sees where they’re walking and highlight the pathway. You can line up the lighting, but put some more excitement by hiding light in the bush and mixing them up in different colors. Be keen on the space also.

Consider Adding Wall Sconces

Sconces are wall lamps that are used outdoors. They are usually waterproof and built to withstand all four seasons and last longer. Sconces are unique and elegant and are best for décor on the outside of your house. When choosing a scone, consider its quality and height. 

Also, ensure it’s waterproof and properly sealed to prevent rainwater from reaching the bulb and the wires. The lamp holder is also essential. If not done well, the lighting might fall. We recommend regular inspection of maintenance of your sconces to keep to maintain their good performance. 

Use String Lights to Create an Ambiance

String lights bring a sense of passion and romance. While they have become very popular as a backyard aesthetic, there are creative ways to use them in the front of your home, as well. There are also different types of string lights that you can mix up. 

The beauty of these lights is that you can hang them on trees, walls, and posts. Pretty much anywhere! Their magical sparkle will turn your outdoors into a work of art. Evenings sipping tea on your porch will never be the same. The options here are limitless!

Add Decorative Lanterns For a Touch of Elegance

Decorative lanterns work the same way as sconces. In fact, most decorative lanterns have hooks to hang them as sconces if you really want to. Lanterns can also be placed on the pavement or patio or hung on trees or stands. 

Some homeowners push their creativity with decorative lanterns a bit further by using candles instead of light bulbs. However, this requires more maintenance and can be a potential fire hazard. 

Utilize Spotlights and Floodlights for Safety and Security

It’s 2023, and burglars are becoming more innovative. But guess what they still can’t beat? Lighting! When you have spotlights and floodlights that turn the night to daylight, you’ll scare off criminals and keep your home safe. While protecting your loved ones and properties from trespassers, try installing smart lighting. For example, motion-activated lighting or light-sensing lighting that turns on at dusk. 

Incorporate Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting To Show Off Your Home’s Architecture

Low-voltage lighting serves more than one purpose. It is not just there to light up your pathways but also for décor and to turn your home’s landscape into breathtaking scenery at night. You can also use the lighting for your fences, flowerbeds, driveways, stone walls, and trees. 

You have the luxury of tuning and controlling the design of your low-voltage lighting in your home. Ultimately, it should come out just as great as you imagine it. Low-voltage lighting is energy-efficient, making it a top choice for budget-minded and eco-conscious homeowners. 

FAQs – Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Front of House

Let’s tackle some common front of house lighting questions!

What are the lights called that shine up on your house?

The lights that shine up on your house and are strategically placed around your property are called up lights. They add visual appeal to your home and highlight special features like trees or architectural details. 

Should you leave your porch light on at night?

Yes, you should! It warns would-be burglars that you are home. It also acts as your front door’s spotlight. 

How can I make the front of my house more attractive?

Generally speaking, to boost your curb appeal, you should take care of your lawn and paint the exterior. But outdoor lighting is a worthy investment since it will highlight these features! 

Brighten Up Your Front Yard with Our Landscape Lighting Ideas!

If you want a contractor that will bring your lighting ideas to life, NightVision Outdoor Lighting is at your service. We have a broad portfolio you can choose from and years of expertise. Whichever option you decide on, we will bring your vision to life. Contact us for a quote!