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You probably spend the whole day at work, and what’s better in the world than returning to a home with a loving family and excellent outdoor lighting? Some people focus only on the indoors when designing their homes. The rest know how exciting outdoor lighting can be!

You want outdoors that support outside dining, where you can hang out with friends and family in the evening, laugh out your lungs on the patio, or take a swim with incredible lights illuminating you like a celebration. Here are seven stunning outdoor lighting ideas that will suit all styles.

Outdoor Lighting Ideas to Illuminate Your Landscape

If you’d like to enjoy the front or backyard of your home after nightfall, there’s only one way to do it – lighting! The lights don’t just light your way but are also rejuvenating. Here are some outdoor lighting ideas that will illuminate your landscape.

Focus on Your Home’s Exterior Elements

You might have the most beautiful house on the street, but no one will see it at night. With strategic lighting placement that highlights the rich features of your home, you won’t need to ask people to turn their heads. Lighting can highlight your patio, the plants, the staircase to the pool, the pool itself, and other incredible elements.

Create a Glow Around Trees

Strategically placed spike lights can make all the difference in your garden, especially if placed on the ground and shining directly toward the tree branches. The lights create a warm glow and illuminate your trees, picking out delicate details.

Create an Outdoor Living Room

Your kids might be afraid to go outside after nightfall because they have probably heard ghost stories that they come in the dark! If you create an outdoor living room with incredible lighting, your kids will find the courage to go outside, and you can also enjoy ghost stories around an outdoor fireplace with a sense of the exterior living room.

garden lights

Illuminate your garden with stunning outdoor lighting ideas.

Add Personality to Your Garden and Patio

Some think lighting’s only purpose is to light you the way. It’s such a shame since lighting can also be a character you can use to express your personality. It can be about something you are passionate about. For example, if you like sculptures, you can have one fixed in your garden or patio holding a light.

Types of Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Outdoor lighting transforms your home into a beautiful oasis of light. To achieve the stunning brightening of your garden, paths, and other areas in your home, we have some types of outdoor lighting fixtures you would love.


Floodlights are hung just under the roof and are for brightening large areas like patios and gardens from above.


These lights point in one direction and highlight a section of your home, like the walls, plants, statues, and patios.

Garden lights

They are put around your trees and other plants, showing them off to the world.

Step lights: These lights are fixed under every staircase or on the walls cascading with the stairs.


These spotlights work from a design standpoint. They beautify your yard and make your paths lively.

String lights

As the name suggests, these are lights hanging on string-like cables that can be hung from one tree to another or from a wall to a post.

How to Choose the Right Lighting Design for Your Outdoor Space?

Your home’s exterior lighting is crucial in finishing your outdoor space. It creates a terrific environment outside, so you should be keen when choosing your lighting. You should know the types of lighting like the ones mentioned above, their UL ratings (wet-rated or damp-rated), sizing, and placement, for instance, whether they’ll be used at the front door, garage area, garden, or patio.

Illuminate Your Space with the Best Landscape Lighting Options

Illuminating your outdoor space can be one of the best decisions in your life. It makes your home feel like a resort and will keep your neighbors talking. You should go for eco-friendly lights for energy-saving purposes. Always ask your contractor to use LEDs where applicable.

FAQs: Best Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Should you leave your porch light on at night?

Leave the porch light on at night to alert burglars of your presence.

What is the most natural form of lighting used in landscaping?

There’s none that we know of, but you can use LED lighting charged with solar energy.

What is the cheapest form of lighting?

Incandescent bulbs are believed to be the cheapest form of lighting while considering the upfront costs.

Contact NightVision for Stunning Outdoor Lighting Ideas and Services

The ideas and styles for your outdoor lighting ideas are endless. If you are looking for more unique ideas, that’s where we come in. At NightVision, we have incredible lighting ideas up our sleeves. For assistance with your stunning outdoor lighting project, contact us today.